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2014 Garmin Automotive GPS Buyer’s Guide


2014 is well under way and most people are looking forward to the end of our harsh winter and hitting the road again, for either travel or business. Of course you want your traveling to be as problem free and stress free as possible and the Garmin company has come out with some new automotive GPS devices to help you plan your route, avoid those traffic jams, and find your way to your destination easier than ever before. So please feel free to use our 2014 Garmin automotive GPS guide to help you find the right GPS device to help guide you along each and every mile of the journeys that lie ahead of you.

An Overall Look at Garmin’s 2014 Features

Before we have a look at each of the new devices in each of Garmin’s Series of GPS devices, let’s take a look at some of the features you may find on these devices. Please keep in mind that every device does not have every feature, so the key to choosing the right device to meet your needs will be finding the specific device that has all or most of the features you feel you need to make your traveling safer and less stressful.

Real Directions with Real Voice

If you have ever owned a GPS with voice then you know that those mechanical voices can be extremely difficult to understand as well as annoying. Garmin listened to the complaints of their customers and have improved the voice feature in their new GPS devices so that the voice sounds just like a real person talking to you until of a robot. When this is combined with their real directions you can find easy to see landmarks to help you on your way as a well as friendly voice giving you exact directions on where to turn and what roads to take.

Lane Guidance with Voice Prompts

Not only does the lane guidance show you exits and intersections and junctions with arrows showing you exactly where to go, you also get voice prompts for the directions. This feature just may help make it impossible to ever mix an excit or turn the wrong way at an intersection again.

Lifetime Maps

Updates several times a year Lifetime maps will keep you apprised of changes in roads, and business locations as well as new businesses that have moved in or started up near your destination. Look for the LM to see if your a GPS device comes with the free Lifetime maps feature.

Lifetime Traffic

Lifetime traffic tells you where construction work, roadblocks, or heavy congested traffic is along your route to your destination and gives you an alternative route you may take to save time waiting in traffice. Decriptions for devices that come with Lifetime traffic will show the initials LT, while those with both Lifetime maps and traffics will be abbreviated LMT.

HD Digital Traffic

For those of you who want to know about changes in traffic conditions prior to get to any point along your route Garmin has instituted the HD Digital Traffic feature on some of their devices. This feature updates traffic every 30 seconds so you know exactly how heavy or light the traffic is all along your route. The HD digital traffic features is normally combined with Lifetime maps and Traffic and will be abbreviated LMTHD.

Photo Real and Bird’s Eye View

Some drivers simply don’t like driving in unfamiliar areas without landmarks to use for guides. With real photo not only do arrows point the way to your destination along the route, but you can see the landmarks you need to pass and even turn by as well, which makes navigating those junctions easier and far less stressful, because you will know exactly where you are at and what you need to do to get where you are going. The Bird’s eye view features shows you how the intersection looks from the overhead.

Voice Activated Navigation

There are times when weather conditions or heavy traffic makes it unwise to take your hands off the wheel, so Garmin has included Voice activated navigation on some of their devises to help you drive evenly more safely. You give a comand and the GPS will respond, showing you exactly what you need to see, without you having to scroll down the touch screen.

Bluetooth Compatible

This feature allows you to Sync your GPS device with bluetooth and works like a smartphone for hands free calling.

Smartphone Link

Now you can link to your iphone or android phone and use the existing data to share information between your phone and GPS device. This allows you to access important information like where you parked your car or weather conditions along the route.

Up Ahead

Up ahead will tell you about all the services coming up at various points along your route, so hyou can find restaurants, hospitals, shopping and gas stations even when you are in a completely unfamiliar area.

3D Building and Terrains

The 3D building and Terrain feature will give you a more realistic view of the area, instead of those flat views of buildings and the terrains. So you will know that the hills you are driving through are along your route because they will show on your screen.

New Powered Magnetic Mount

This new generation of GPS devices also comes with a powered magnetic mount which aligns the GPS device perfectly and holds it place for easier viewing.

Garmin Express

Garmin Express also offers a single online source for everything Garmin, so that you can get the information you need all in one place.

Introducing Gamin’s Newest Devices in the Essential, Advanced and Prestige Series

Garmin offers three series of Nuvi GPS devices. The essential series consists of what would be considered Garmin’s budget series of these devices, and are generally armed with what Garmin considers to be the basic GPS necessities. The Advance series is Garmin’s mid-range series and consists of GPS devices that have a few more advanced features than the essential series. The Prestige Series consist of Garmin’s high end devices which are loaded with special features that many users find extremely helpful.

Essential Series

The newest devices in the Essential series includes:

Some of the features of this essential series include:

  • These devices have 5 or 6 inch screens
  • Spoken turn by turn directions
  • Traffic avoidance
  • Lane assist
  • Junction views and more.

Advance Series

The newest devices in the Nuvi Advance series includes:

Some of the features you will find in devices in this series include:

  • Improved guidance
  • Real directions
  • Turn by turn directions
  • Easy to see landmarks
  • Traffic Alerts

Prestige Series

The Newest member of the Prestige series is the 3597LMTHD features of this series includes:

  • 5 Inch screen
  • Voice activated navigation
  • Real directions and Real voice
  • Lifetime maps for North America
  • HD Digital traffic
  • Bluetooth and Smartphone compatibility
  • Magnetic Mount

For more indepth information about the newest Garmin GPS devices please look through our site and read our indepth articles on these devices.

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