Garmin nuvi 255w Simple yet Powerful GPS Navigator

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Nice little GPS that does a good job navigating

Garmin 255w
Garmin nuvi 255w

Garmin nuvi 255w 4.3 inch Portable GPS Navigator


Have you ever been lost and unable to identify your way inside a big city? Or looking for a good Italian restaurant near a movie theater or your car broke down and need emergency road assistance? These are scenarios we find ourselves into and most of the time; we don’t have a handy solution. But now, you can navigate any avenue in any city, find hotels and restaurants near you and even get immediate help if your car broke down, thanks to Garmin 255w, a portable GPS device, at the lowest prices in the market.

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What is Garmin 255w?

Garmin 255w is a portable personal travel assistant that is simple to use. It’s a GPS based navigator that is simple and safety-minded in its application. It navigates turn by turn through the map directions and has a unique camera-warning system that helps one arrive on time and safe of the road. It is customized for Europe and American maps and thus has multiple points of interest incorporated in its maps.

The Features of Garmin 255w

Garmin 255w offers some of these powerful features:

Simplicity and safety: Since it comes with preloaded City Navigator preloaded maps. You simply key in your direction and the device guides you to your destination turn-by-turn using spoken directions, 2D and 3D map redraw rates.

The point of interest (P O I): shows Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Post offices etc. from a large database of destinations and guide you to your chosen P O I. Garmin 255w also accepts customized P O I , so you can program your commonly-used destinations and recall it at a touch of a button.

Traffic Circumvention: The Garmin 255w provides updates and traffic signals to provide accurate delay data and keep the user aware of real-time traffic report, blocked roads and road constructions.

Enhanced Navigation: Garmin 255w comes with the photo navigation thus revolutionizing your sightseeing. Therefore it is possible to plan excursion to adorable sites easily before you set off.

Customizable: You can customize your 255w by applying background photographs and tailor it to satisfy your unique style and taste. It can be enhanced with an optional plug -I n micro SD card and language guide to enhance your detailed travel.

Bells & Whistles: This GPS has extra useful features included such as jpeg image viewer, global travel clock and currency, measurement converter, calculator. It also comes with Garmin Lock ™ which is an anti-theft feature.

What are some cool features of Garmin 255w

“Where am I ?”: This handy feature allows you to locate where you are by tapping on the screen. You will be provided with the closest intersection and address, closest hospitals, police stations and gas stations.

Display: It displays the speed limit and the speed you are currently driving at, thus you can know whether you are safe driving at that speed. Have the most usable touch screens for entering destinations. The screen is wide so you can get a better coverage of the map and directions. It is readable in sun light and easy to read from all angles.  It acquires satellites fast so your see the directions without having to wait long.

Product Details

  • Comes with preloaded city navigator for North America and Canada, suction mount cup, power cable and quick start manual.
  • Dimentions: 4.8 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches ; 6.1 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.

Therefore if you are looking for a travel companion, a navigator, a sleek toy and city guide, look no further than the Garmin 255w which promises quality, simplicity and safety. It is also available at low unique prices for any GPS product. It comes feature-packed and all you may need to do is customize it to your required taste and style. It offers elevation contours at high projection levels than any product in the market can offer. It is easy to install, update and reroute and far quicker than other GPS with long lasting battery time.

For those who like to keep things simple yet effective, this GPS may be just what you are looking for because it offers most popular features of a GPS navigator with the lowest price.

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