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What a nice design and graphics. Voice commands work great. Zooming works great. Traffic data is very useful and easy to understand.

Garmin nuvi 3790LMT

Garmin nuvi 3790LMT

Garmin nuvi 3790T/LMT 4.3″ Bluetooth Portable GPS


The Garmin nuvi 3790 LMT is an elegantly slim and attractive personal GPS device that sports a 4.3 inch screen and is only 9mm thick. With it’s 3D terrain view and a number of other useful features, you will find there is a lot more to this device than just it’s good looks.

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Features of The Garmin Nuvi 3790 LMT

Built with features designed especially to make navigation as easily and convenient as possible the Gamin nuvi 3790 LMT offers a number of useful and incredibly helpful features for those who do a lot of traveling. These features include:

  • Full glass diagonal multi-touch display that can be used either horizontally or vertically and fits smartly in your hand when walking. This GPS can easily guide you whether driving or traveling by foot.
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates saves you money. Now you don’t have to pay every time you need to update a map because you can get your updates for free.
  • Traffic Trends and My Trends also come free the Garmin nuvi 3790 LMT. No prescription, no added costs, just something this Garmin just does.
  • Voice Commands let’s you find any address without first manually entering it into the GPS. Just wake the Nuvi to with a special voice command and give it the address, which immediately appears on the screen. The Garmin nuvi 3790 LMT will then respond by telling you where to turn and talk you all the way your destination.
  • Lane Assist not only tells you where to turn, but helps you to know what lane you need to be in before it is too late to move to the correct lane. This feature makes it less likely that you will miss that important exit or be confused by those unfamiliar intersections.
  • Bluetooth Technology Makes For Hands Free Calling. When you combine your bluetooth cell phone with this GPS, you can make phone calls when traveling without ever taking your hands off the wheel. With a microphone and speaker, you make an important call without pulling over and without taking your eyes from the road.
  • Eco-Route Feature. Allows you to find the most fuel-efficient route and also helps you to track fuel usage and more.

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Garmin 3790LMT Review from Actual Owners

Judging by the various reviews scattered over the Internet the Garmin 3790 LMT is quite popular and very well liked. Here are some of the features of this GPS that owners of this product really find useful.Voice command-Owners found that this feature allowed them to use the GPS, make phone calls, and keep their hands on the wheel, which increases safety and decreases the chances of accidents due to being inattentive.

  • Owners also like the fact that display is crisp and bright even in strong sunlight making it easy to see what you need to see in a single glance rather than having to squint at the screen trying to see through the glare.
  • Most owners also liked the fact that when they wanted to carry the GPS with them when they got out of the car, it’s thin size fit easily in the hand, a pocket, or a purse.

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