Garmin nuvi 2457LMT Sale

by Caribou Betty

Garmin nuvi 2457LMT Sale

Garmin nuvi 2457LMT

Garmin nuvi 2457 LMT


The Garmin nuvi 2457 LMT car GPS navigational device is another one of the new advanced series of GPS that Garmin introduce the tail end of 2012 and early 2013. The advance series includes, mid-price range GPS devices that are perfect for people whose car does not come equipped with these devices or who need to rent cars on a regular basis. The nuvi 2457LMT is one of the smaller models of portable GPS devices in the Advanced series, but it has plenty of helpful features.

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What comes in the Box

When you purchase the Garmin nuvi 2457LMT you will get:

  • nuvi 2457 LMT
  • Lifetime traffic antenna/vehicle power cord
  • Vehicle suction cup mount
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual

Features of the Garmin nuvi 2457LMT

The nuvi 2457 LMT has a sleek new design and has been designed to be even more user friendly than the older Garmin GPS device. Here are some of the features of the 2457LMT.

  • 4.3 duel orientation display can be used either horizontally or vertically.
  • Lifetime maps. The device comes pre-loaded with detailed maps of North America, Garmin updates these maps up to 4 times a year and you can download these updates for free.
  • Lifetime traffic. Garmin traffic keeps you updated on delays, possible detours and other pertinent traffic information for the life of your device.
  • Real Directions. The nuvi 2457LMT also has real directions that gives you easy to follow turn by turn directions, including the number of stop lights you need to go through, easily recognizable buildings, and whether to turn left or right on a particular street. Best of all these directions are given in a voice that sounds more human and less mechanical.
  • The lane assist feature is not new, but has been proven useful to Garmin users over the year and so has been included because this feature helps you make sure you get off at the right exit or get into the right lane to reach you destination.
  • Junction view
  • Speed indicator with over the speed limit warning.
  • The exit service feature tells you what services are available at each exit.
  • Customizable Points of interest

The nuvi 2457LMT is the perfect blending of the best features of the old Garmin line-up with new easier to use features that are helpful for those people driving in a new unfamiliar area.

What the Reviews Have to Say

The first thing most users mention about the Garmin 2457LMT is the sleek design of this GPS device. They also like the durability of this product. Specific features that they seem to like is that the fact that the lane assist automatically appears to help make sure that drivers are in the right lane.

Other users like the crisp clear display and the fact that downloading the map updates are faster than with their older Garmin GPS devices. They also like the clear voice and the spoken directions that are easy to follow.

There were a few complaints in the reviews regarding this device, but they were scattered and inconsistent. Overall, if you are looking for a small car GPS that functions well and easily gets you to your destination it seems like the Garmin nuvi 2457 will fit the bill.

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