Garmin nuvi 2577LT Sale

by Caribou Betty

Garmin nuvi 2577LT

Garmin nuvi 2577LT

Garmin nuvi 2577LT


The Garmin nuvi 2577LT is part of the Garmin Advanced series of car GPS devices. It offers a variety of different features including lifetime traffic and is an alternative to the nuvi 2557LMT and the Garmin 2597LMT.

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What Comes in The Box

When you open the box containing your new Garmin nuvi 2577LT you should find:

  • nuvi 2577LT
  • Lifetime traffic antenna and vehicle power cable
  • Vehicle suction cup
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual

Features of the nuvi 2577LT

The biggest feature that stands out in the Garmin nuvi 2577LT is that it is the only 5″ nuvi that comes preloaded with Maps for North America, Europe and Mexico. And like all of the Garmin advanced series the nuvi 2577LT is loaded with many helpful features including:

  • 5 inch dual orientation display allows you to use this GPS either vertically or horizontally.
  • Preloaded with street maps.
  • Voice activated navigation allows you to keep your hands on the wheel
  • Turn by Turn directions
  • Lane assistance helps keep you in the right lane.
  • Junction view allows you see where you need to go when you come to a junction. The junction view uses photo real to actually see what the junction looks like.
  • MyTrends
  • Auto sort destinations keeps you from backtracking where you need to make multiple stops.
  • Route avoidance helps you avoid traffic jams and detour around construction work when possible.
  • Bluetooth for hands free calling
  • Speed limit indicator tells you the speed limit and warns you when you exceed that limit.
  • Where am I
  • Exit services
  • Custom points of interest

What the Reviews Say

There are actually few reviews for the nuvi 2577LT. On amazon this device is rated as 4.1 stars out of 5, but when you read the reviews there are no actual reviews for the 2577 all the reviews given are for either the nuvi 2557LMT or the nuvi 2597LMT. Quite possibly the nuvi 2577LT was included with these reviews because all three of these models are the same device, but have some different features. So to better help you understand these devices and which one is the right one to meet your needs, here is a comparison of the differences between the nuvi 2557LMT, the nuvi 2577LT, and the nuvi 2597LMT.

The nuvi 2557LMT

The nuvi 2557LMT has all the same features as the nuvi 2577LT and the nuvi 2597LMT with the exception that this device does not come equipped with voice activation or bluetooth. So with this device while you do get free lifetime map updates and traffic for the life of the device, you can only navigate by the the touch screen display and without bluetooth there is no hands free calling.

The nuvi 2577LT

The nuvi 2577LT does have both voice navigation and bluetooth as well as lifetime traffic. However, if you want to update your preloaded maps, you will have to pay for the updates as this device does not come with free lifetime maps.

The nuvi 2597LMT

The nuvi 2597LMT is the complete package. It comes with both free lifetime map updates and lifetime traffic. It also has bluetooth and voice navigation.

The Garmin nuvi 2577 is a durable GPS device with a lot of features common to the advance series, however you do need to remember that this model does not come with lifetime maps.

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