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Garmin Nuvi 55 (Basic/LM/LMT)


Garmin nuvi 55 SaleThe Garmin Nuvi 55 is one of the newest additions to the Garmin essential series of automotive GPS devices. For those who haven’t heard about this the essential series, it is what Garmin calls their basic series of GPS devices. The name “essential” is given to these basic GPS devices because although none of the devices in this series contain all the bells and whistles of the higher end GPS devices they have all the essential features to help you get where you are going at a price that is designed to meet your budget.

The Garmin Nuvi 55 comes in three versions; the plain Nuvi 55, the Nuvi 55LM and the Nuvi 55LMT.

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Features of the Garmin 55

All three versions of the Garmin Nuvi 55 come with the same basic features. These features include:

  • 5 Inch Display- The Nuvi 55 comes with a bright 5 inch display that can be used either vertically or horizonitally.
  • Pre-loaded with Maps of the Lower 49 states.
  • Turn By Turn Routing. The turn by turn routing feature helps you get where you are going by clearly showing your route complete with turns marked with colorful easy to see arrows.
  • Lane Assist- The Lane assist features shows you exactly what lane you need to be in to get off at the right exit or go through or turn at any given junction or intersection. It helps relieve the worry over missing your turn or being in the wrong lane at a critical moment when traveling in an unfamiliar area.
  • Junction View. Junction view allows you to see any upcoming junctions and where you need to be.
  • Helps You Find Millions of Addresses and Points and Interest- The Garmin Nuvi 55 is designed to help you find where you are going right down to the exact address, as well as point out some of the Points of Interest along your route.

Best of all your new Garmin Nuvi 55 doesn’t rely on cellular signals to get you from point A to point B so you don’t have to worry about losing your GPS signal in Cellular dead zones just when you are going to need it the most.

The Garmin Nuvi 55LM

The Garmin Nuvi 55LM is the same great GPS device as the regular Garmin 55 with the exception that for a little bit more of an investment this GPS comes with Garmin’s lifetime maps. This is actually a nice feature, as roads close and new ones open, and businesses change location, or new businesses start up every day, which means your GPS maps can quickly become outdated. With Lifetime maps, you can upload new up to date maps every few months for free, for the lifetime of your GPS device.

The Garmin Nuvi 55LMT

The Garmin Nuvi 55LMT again comes with all the features of the regular Nuvi 55 plus the Lifetime maps. In addition this version also includes, traffic avoidance. The traffic avoidance feature will help you to avoid those areas where there is congestive traffic, traffic is at a stand still due to accident, or where road construction is slowing the flow of traffic by telling you where these delays are and showing you an alternative route so that you can avoid this potential time wasting routes while traveling.

As you can see while the Garmin 55 does lack some of the bells and whistles and fancier features of higher priced GPS devices it does have all the essential features necessary to get you where you are going simply and easily.

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