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Garmin 56 (LM/LMT)


Garmin nuvi 56

The Garmin Nuvi 56 is part of Garmin’s automotive GPS essential series and gives you everything you need to navigate those highway and byways in complete comfortable and added safety thanks to it’s great set of built in features. This the features of the Garmin 56 includes three versions the Nuvi 56, the Nuvi 56LM and the Nuvi 56LMT. Here is a look at all three versions of the GPS device.

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The Display

The Garmin 56 comes with a 5” dual orientation display screen that can be used either vertically or horizontally. It has a white back light so that you can see everything on the screen more clearly and easily. When mounted on Garmins magnetic mount, the GPS to can be move to your best viewing position while held firmly in place even when traveling those rougher roads.

Pre-loaded Maps

The Garmin 56 comes with detailed pre-loaded maps of both the US and Canada. These maps are to help you navigate through many of the cities in the US and Canada.

Plenty of Navigational aids

The Nuvi 56 comes with several built in navigational aids including Lane Assist with Voice Prompts, Junction view, Auto Sort for multiple destinations, and Route avoidance.

Lane assist

uses arrows to show you what lane you need to be in to get on and off your entrance and exit ramps and to navigate those sometimes confusing intersections.

Voice prompts

help to clarify directions by giving you the street names of where to turn and other helpful information. So instead of being told simply to turn right at the next right, you know that you need to right onto “Rose” or some other street.

Junction view

gives you a clear look at those junctions so that you know exactly what to do and where to go at each junction in the road.

Auto Sort

allows you to sort multiple destinations all at once so that you can smoothly go from one destination to other without worry.

Route Avoidance

Tells you where those toll roads are and shows you how to avoid them if you prefer.

Safety Aids

The Nuvi 56 also comes with a couple of helpful built in navigational aids such as school zone warnings and a speed limit indicator.

The Speed Limit Indicator not only shows you what speed you should be traveling at, but also your current speed and your estimated time of arrival. This feature may not only prevent you from incurring an expensive traffic ticket, but helps to keep you safer by reminding you at what speed you should be traveling.

The School Zone Warning not only protects you from accidentally going to fast through a school zone and risking a hefty fine, but also helps to protect the children who attend that school. It’s a great protection device to include in a basic GPS device.

The Garmin Nuvi 56 measures 5.5” X 3.4” X 0.8” and comes with a Lithium ion battery and can operate up to 2 hours on a single charge .

What’s in the Box?

When your Garmin Nuvi 56 arrives it comes with the Garmin Nuvi 56 with built in city navigator maps, A Power cable, a Suction mount for your device, and the Garmin quick start manual to help get you on the road quickly. You have everything you need to set your course and begin your travels.

Other Versions of the Garmin Nuvi 56

For a few dollars more you can also get the Garmin 56LM or LMT.  The Nuvi 56LM comes complete with free Lifetime maps, to keep you updated on changes in different areas practically as they happen since you can download new updated maps 4 times a year.

The Nuvi 56LMT comes with not only the free lifetime maps, but also free Traffic avoidance which tells you where there is congested traffic or construction going on and shows you alternate routes to avoid spending time sitting in traffic when you could be going merrily along your way.

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