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What a nice little device. Easy to use and serves every purpose I ever need on a golf course.

Garmin G3 Golf GPS

Garmin G3 Waterproof GPS

Garmin Approach G3 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf GPS


Garmin g3 is a successor of garmin g5. It is a smaller and cheaper version, nonetheless, it offers everything g5 does. It has a touch screen design which makes it easy to use and intuitive. It requires no set-up at all with all courses pre-loaded on the device. The only thing required is the AA batteries . Once it is turned on, it gives you several choices of the courses based upon where you are and you choose one from the choices.


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The screen is bright and easy to view in sunny condition. One of the biggest advantages of the g3 is the ability to pinpoint the precise position of a target on the green. It also has pre-marked distances to many hazards and targets. The view of the green rotates based upon where the user is standing respective to the hole view.

With garmin g3, you can conveniently navigate through your golf courses anywhere in the country with ease. It is easy to use so you do not need to rely on manual so much. It is also waterproof to last in all kinds of weather.

Garmin G3 Product Features

  • The Box contains: Approach G3, Belt clip, USB cable, Owner’s manual
  • Provide detailed golf course map showing golfers precise distance information about fairways, hazards and greens from any point on the course
  • Update your position and show you the distance target as you move about the course
  • The Approach G3 brings brand new concept to the golf market at a lower price point
  • Transflective

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