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What are the benefits of a Automotive (Car) GPS ?

An automotive GPS offers several benefits to the drivers and occupants. This device has many features that will be discussed shortly.

It offers safety. The risk of being lost in a new place is minimized through a Vehicle GPS. Even if you are driving to a whole new place with your friends or family, you don’t have to expect a mishap.

You can easily reach your desired point within a reasonable time to cover the distance. Finding a gas station, a hospital, or a hotel is no more of a problem. The idea of being in an unfamiliar territory will no more threaten you; rather it will provoke excitement to get into that adventurous drive.

Since everybody drives simply to the destination and nowhere else, productivity increases, and so does the efficiency in fuel consumption and time management.

Moreover, it is effective in reducing property damage, environmental pollution, and negative effects on one’s health with the help of a timely and calculated drive.


Vehicle GPS can be found in different screen sizes like 2.5”, 3.5”, 4.3” and also 5.0”. This range is provided to fulfill different customer needs. A wide screen enables you to operate the device easily while driving.

A car vehicle has built-in maps of different regions of the world including Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The maps are detailed with street names, distances, turns, etc.

A map can either be 2D or 3D, so you can go for one that suits you most.

Besides, it has map update feature as well. For a region or locality that is updated more frequently in terms of roads, highways, bridges, etc. an automatic map update feature is deemed necessary. However, for a rural area that doesn’t undergo frequent construction, this feature may not be utilized to its full potential.

It offers lane and junction view too. It enables you to stay on track, not be excessively inclined to either side of the road, and be informed of the upcoming road turn in advance.

It indicates on the device’s screen in case you exceed the prescribed speed limit so you stay safe from any personal or property damage.

It has Bluetooth capability to get your phone or head-set connected to the device.

The device keeps routes, speed limits, points of interests, etc. in the memory and then suggests the most appropriate route, which is fuel and energy efficient.

It has text-to-speech capability as well. While driving, you don’t have to keep an eye all around to keep a note of street names and numbers; your GPS device is smart enough to do that for you and it speaks out loud despite background noise and disruption.

Likewise, you can also give the device spoken commands and be free of typing anything for that matter.

How to Choose One?

  • First you have to consider your type of driving. If you drive the same routes on regular basis, a Vehicle GPS may not be highly useful for you; but for people driving to unfamiliar locations often, it is of the highest advantage.

    A Mounterd Car GPS

    A Mounted Car GPS

  • Secondly, decide your budget. Since it is an extremely beneficial device, one can afford to pay a little extra to make it worth the effort. Prices of Vehicle GPS start from $100.
  • The device must be appropriate to be mounted over a dashboard or windshield.
  • You should also look for the kind of mounting the device is meant for. It is not advisable to go for such a placement that becomes a hindrance in airbag deployment, for example over the dashboard.
  • Look for standard features like screen size, maps, update capability, lane assist, junction view, spoken commands, text-to-speech conversion, points of interest database, etc.
  • Lifetime Map Update is one of the best features. You buy the device once and get the maps updated regularly. Updates for maps can be easily sourced with simple PC connectivity. However, some brands offer map update feature through wireless connectivity as well.
  • Another valuable feature to look for is the Live Traffic Data. Latest GPS’s models also have the capability to inform the car occupants regarding current traffic, so that such routes can be avoided. This update is usually possible by subscribing to such a service provider.
  • Though a standard one, but an automatic destination routing feature is extremely beneficial. You only have to insert in your destination point and your GPS will guide you to the most appropriate route for that.
  • Extra micro SD Card slots in the GPS give it an even efficient performance so that it becomes a portable music player, a video player, or a photo viewer when you are not driving.
  • Now look for added features if you are willing to spend on some, like Bluetooth, touch-screen, parked car tracker, traffic lights and alerts, etc.

Popular GPS models

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