Golf GPS

by Caribou Betty

Golf GPS

Golf GPS

In absence of an expert, you need to rely on your own guesswork while playing golf; for instance making a wild guess determining distance to the hole and the course targets. While an expert can only guide you to make that perfect shot, the latest generation Golf GPS’s do much more than that. Read on to know more about Golf GPS’s features and appealing aspects that will make you click for this device.

Why You Will Love It?

A Golf GPS has a competitive advantage over traditional golf rangefinders. These are more rugged, technically advanced, and suitable for varied circumstances.

You can make your game fun and entertaining with the help of extensive details and statistics which you can refer back as well.

It has the potential to be your best guide for playing golf. It indicates distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. It also notifies hazards in the way of course targets.

Its ruggedness, compact size, long battery life, and portability are the features that magnetize many golf players.


  • A golf rangefinder is a device that people used to carry when GPS’s were not so common.
    Golf GPS

    GPS devices are now affordable to a vast majority and therefore the use of rangefinders has reduced.

  • Some people still prefer a rangefinder over a GPS because the former is relatively cheap in purchase price and does not carry an annual fee.
  • People who get irritated by GPS’s alert sounds and whistles also carry a golf rangefinder instead. However a golf rangefinder would be useless until and unless a GPS company maps the course you play frequently.
  • Apart from basic data such as distance-to-the-hole, a Golf GPS provides other relevant details as well, such as length of the last shot, distance between you and the target, the location of distance, any hazard in between you and the target, your surrounding details, and much more.
  • It does not only display all these details on the screen, but also saves them for future reference in case you need any.
  • This device is a rugged, water-proof and water-resistant. It is also sealed against dirt and dust.
  • A Golf GPS has a built-in digital scorecard for four players so that you can keep a record of your games’ statistics, average distances you and your opponent hit, and course customization.
  • You can also view these statistics at home by connecting the device with the computer.
  • You can go for a black & white or a colored screen, whichever matches your taste and requirement. Besides, a touch-screen Golf GPS device is also meant for customer convenience.
  • It has a glove-friendly touch-screen, which is high in resolution and readable in sunlight.
  • Some devices have numerous preloaded courses for user facilitation.
  • It is available in compact size and long battery life; features which add value to the device.

How to Choose One?

  • You should look for some basic features such as the preloaded courses by the GPS manufacturer you are buying from.

    Golf GPS

    Golf GPS

  • Check screen visibility in the sunlight, the screen resolution, and screen size that is suitable to your eyesight, etc.
  • Check the detail of information device displays on the screen such as shot lengths, distances, etc. It should also have memory cards so that you can refer back to statistics.
  • Go for a brand that offers a good battery life. It should also be water proof and water resistant.
  • It should be easy to use with or without gloves.


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