Handheld and Portable GPS

by Caribou Betty

Portable GPS

Portable GPS

For an outdoor activity, thrilling excursion, business travel, or commercial tour, one thing you should not forget to keep with you is a Handheld or Portable GPS. It can be one of the most useful tools in your total luggage. It is not an additional tool you carry with yourself, but is an astonishing device that can treat you with loads of significant information in the form of an outdoor tool.

Why You Will Love It?

For frequent travelers or even those who do not travel much, a Handheld/Portable GPS can be of immense importance and use.

It indicates your current location, distance to destination, points-of-interest, weather and altitude change, and a lot more.

A Handheld/Portable GPS can be used in the vehicle, while hiking/hunting, in the golf course, or simply when you are walking down the street.

It provides safety and keeps you away from any sort of disorientation. You can always trace your position on the map and can make your own virtual map so that you can retrieve it for future reference as well.


  • Seemingly the most important feature in any GPS is a text-to-speech feature, abbreviated as TTS. The Handheld/Portable GPS’s are equipped with this feature for the purpose of increased safety. It saves you from the potential risk of looking at the GPS screen and the road simultaneously.

    Handheld GPS

    Handheld GPS

  • A TTS feature informs you of upcoming road turns, street names, and other such information. It really is a nice assistant to have with oneself.
  • The device also has built-in maps, which have pinpoint locations on land and sea. These maps are made available through the satellites.
  • This device provides an accurate position of better than three meters. This area coverage is valid whether you are on your feet or in the car.
  • When traveling to unfamiliar places, a POI (points-of-interest) database can be of great help. Some advanced databases also show POI rankings, such as those of restaurants.
  • There is a distinction in terms of performance speed as well. Some Handheld/Portable GPS devices connect with satellites in a matter of a minute, while others take around 4-5 minutes.
  • A relatively new feature in a Handheld/Portable GPS is a Bluetooth, which is now on its way to becoming an industry norm. It provides you the ease and convenience of hands-free calling while also eradicating any sort of accident incase you drive while using a phone.
  • Traffic warning and speed limit warning are two more features worth buying. These features alert the user in case of a congested road and over-speeding.
  • With the help of traffic warning feature, a GPS enables you to take a substitute route to avoid traffic jam or accident if any. However, so far, this service is available only through paid subscription.
  • The track feature enables you to keep a track of your route. You can program your GPS device to leave track-points at regular intervals of time or at specific distance coverage, whichever suits you most. This way you can have your own virtual map to avoid disorientation.
  • Barometric altimeter is quite useful in tracing weather and height change. It is beneficial for those traveling to unfamiliar places especially for hiking/hunting.
  • In addition to these must-have features, the Handheld/Portable GPS’s now have additional features like those common in Vehicle GPS’s. You can go for a music player, camera, FM, games, etc.

How to Choose One?

A Handheld GPS

A Handheld GPS

Unlike past, nowadays Handheld/Portable GPS’s are much more advanced. They have a wide range of features to choose from.

At times it may be difficult to decide from an overwhelming range of available features, but the decision should always be thoughtful so that optimization can be achieved.

Before the actual purchase transaction, you must hold the device in your hand. This will let you know the product feel, quality, and probably durability too. Much can be scanned at this point in time.

However, when it comes to the hard-core product features, you have to go through a detailed analysis.

  • Look for an SD card expansion slot as it allows you to add more maps into your device simply by inserting a memory card with maps.
  • It will be better to buy a water proof model so that you can carry it anywhere without the fear of damage.
  • Also look for geo-caching mode of a Handheld/Portable GPS; it will be an added feature. Even if you have never been into that hiking/hunting adventure, keeping a GPS with this feature can be beneficial at some point in time in the future when you actually need one.
  • Go for a device that also has an electronic compass for navigation.

One thing you must never lose sight of while purchasing a Handheld/Portable GPS is the number of features you need and can afford. Going for a list of features will only overburden you. You may not need all those features so why spend high; and besides, a lot of features can also be a hindrance in an efficient use of this amazing device.


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