Hiking GPS

by Caribou Betty

GPS For Hiking

GPS For Hiking

There is a treasure hunting game called Geo-caching that represents a real-world outdoor game. GPS applications are apparent in this game as GPS devices are used by players to locate treasure containers, called geo-caches. These players then share their experiences via Internet.

Why You Will Love It?

A hiking GPS  is an extremely handy device to be purchased and used. People who like excursions and thrilling tours, this GPS type is the perfect choice for them.

You can use this device for real-world outdoor games, and also if you are a professional hiker/hunter.

Its preloaded maps, high-sensitivity receiver, electronic compass, and barometric altitude offer a sense of security and convenience.

The added features like camera, touch-screen, radio, dogs’ tracker, wireless data sharing, and floating features of Hiking/Hunting GPS further enhance the value and performance delivered by the product.


  • This device has many attractive features, and the top most is that it is a handheld GPS – the portable type. You can easily take it anywhere and everywhere.
  • It has preloaded maps of certain territories, especially those of USA. The saved maps in the device’s memory enable you to keep track of your journey.

    GPS For Hiking and Outdoor Exploration

    Handheld GPS For Hiking and Outdoor Exploration

  • Although it is to be noted here that the preloaded maps are basic; they are not associated with details such as points-of-interests.
  • It has salt water maps as well. In case you have salt water seas and oceans in your journey, this device will assist you to go further in that case too.
  • It has data card and memory card slots that you can use if you want to insert more maps in the device’s memory.
  • When it comes to locating one’s position, this Hiking/Hunting GPS proves to be a high-sensitivity receiver. Even if you are under heavy cover or beneath deep valleys, the device will still locate your position quickly.
  • It also has an electronic compass which works and provides information even when you are not moving anywhere.
  • A barometric altimeter indicates the altitude and pressure points so that you can plan your track accordingly.
  • Geo-caching mode of a Hiking/Hunting GPS enables you to locate caches (the treasure containers).
  • You can share data like maps, routes, and tracks in wireless mode of the device.
  • It has a colored screen which is readable in sunlight as well.
  • The touch screen offers ease of use. The screen is water proof and so is the device. This GPS device has a floating feature. Even if it happens to slip out of your hand and into the water, it will keep floating and will not drown.
  • Moreover it has camera and radio for customer convenience and facilitation.

How to Choose One?

  • The two key factors to look for in a Hiking/Hunting GPS device are its navigation and reception. The device will be useless without these basic features.
  • You should look for a high-sensitivity receiver so that you can navigate and locate yourself across a wide range of territories.
  • Go for a brand that has preloaded maps in the memory; else you will have to buy maps or subscribe to a service by paying a certain amount of money on regular basis.
  • Buy a sunlight-readable colored screen with camera and touch screen if you are comfortable with that. However, you can also buy a combination of touch-screen and hard buttons in the same device.
GPS For Outdoor Activities

GPS For Outdoor Activities



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